Die neue KINGSBARNS Distillerie (meine Eindrücke) - fertig seit Nov. 2014

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    Mein Beitrag für YELP, in Englisch. Habe die Distillerie im Rahmen einer Bustour vor ein paar Tagen besucht.

    "Kingsbarns is a brand-new whisky distillery completed only in November of 2014. As a consequence, they don't have ANY of their own finished product to show yet, so what they're selling (or offering you as part of the distillery tour) is whisky made elsewhere by the Wemyss clan [pronounced "Weams" for no apparent reason] - principal investors of Kingsbarns - namely, the "Wemyss Family" series of blended malts (not to be confused with blended scotch - blended malts do not contain grain whisky!).

    So what we have here, for the time being, is just the visitors's experience, namely: a 1-hour tour for UKP 8.00 (that includes 15 minutes of you on your own, reading the informative displays and watching a short video, then a tour of the 1-room distillery in motion, and the tasting of two Wemyss whiskies, one of the "Wemyss Family" series and a lower-quality blended scotch); a whisky shop that sells products from other distilleries "composed" by the Wemyss family as a series of blended malts - or simply whiskies distilled elsewhere but matured and then independently released by Wemyss; and a café that serves superior quality scones, among other cakes and cookies.

    The distillery is situated a little off the beaten track, close to the fishing village of Craill (no reason to mis-spend time there, or, for that matter, in Anstruther), but included e.g. in one of the coach tours of The Highland Experience, off Edinburgh, namely the "St. Andrews" tour. So, if you're going to St. Andrews anyway, this vistors' attraction is nearby and might be worth your while.

    The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable (especially a German woman named Julia who is doing an internship there, or so I gathered), and since this is a very new distillery (transformed from an older, larger-scale farmhouse, and founded by a former caddy!), everything's very clean and dandy. Whether the latter is an asset or a detriment is your choice entirely. You can get an impression from my images.

    You won't be seeing a Kingsbarns single malt for another 6-9 years, probably, which is a long time. So at least you can get this tour as an appetizer."

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