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    Hallo feine Geister!

    Da ich bereits bei Einigen von Euch leckere Samples ergattern konnte, biete ich nun auch die Möglichkeit Samples (5cl/10cl) zu probieren:


    (Aromangaben gemäß Abfüllernotizen auf Flasche oder Umverpackung)

    Ailsa Bay; Oak casks; Perfectly balanced between smoky and sweet; 48,9% vol.
    WID: 73831 (6,15/11,50 €)

    Ardbeg Uigeadail; Bourbon & ex-sherry; intense symphony of smoky peat reek, scrumptious fruit cake and leather then warm and deep with a spicy kick, long and full-bodied; 54,2% vol.

    WID: 331 (4,80/8,80 €)

    Ardbeg Corryvreckan; Swirling aromas and torrents of deep, peaty, peppery taste lurk beneath the surface of this balanced dram; 57,1% vol.

    WID: 10550 (5,25/9,65 €)

    Ardmore Port Wood Finish 12 Jahre; American ex-bourbon and finish in European port casks; Spiced fruits with a subtle smoky finish; 46% vol.

    WID: 73170 (3,95/7,10 €)

    Arran - The Amarone Cask Finish; Elegant notes of cherry, dark chocolate and Turkish delight; 50% vol.
    WID: 94965 (4,20/- €)

    Balblair Vintage 1990; 2nd release; bottled 2016; Bourbon casks & sherry butts; spicy yet sweet with notes of raisins, toffee and honey with hints of vanilla chocolate and citrus fruits; 46% vol.
    WID: 73989 (9,05/17,30

    BenRiach Septendecim 17 Jahre; Bourbon; peaty with a core of apples and toasted nuts then sweet, peaty intense with honey-infused raisins, roasted nuts and leather; 46% vol.
    WID: 29747 (4,90/8,95

    BenRiach 22 Jahre; Moscatel finish; dark orange marmalade, rich fig syrup and sweet dates with a dusting of cocoa and cinnamon followed by a hint of mint then velvety dark chocolate fondant topped with glazed maraschino cherries developes to plum cordial and spiced honey, the finish is rounded with a gentle, earthy balance of nutmeg, stewed barley and old vintage leather; 46% vol.
    89297 (13,40/26,00 €)

    Bowmore 10 Jahre; Inspired by the Devil's Casks Series; Oloroso & Wine Casks; Travel retail exclusive; Aromas of damson plum and nectarine-laced date oil with sandlewood and winter spice then black cherry and dark chocolate with baked blood orange progressing to smoked chilli jam finish in long lasting blackcurrant and baked mango, cinnamon and smoked sea-salt; 46% vol.
    WID: 86300
    (3,95/7,10 €)

    Bowmore 18 Jahre; Oak casks; Classic Bowmore smokiness, creamy caramel, chocolate and ripe fruit aromas then soft fruit and choclolate balanced by a light smokiness; 43% vol.

    WID: 199 (6,25/11,70 €)
    Bowmore Springtide
    ; 1st and 2nd Oloroso sherry casks; Chocolate and sticky figs which balance against sea-salt peatiness then rich in treacle toffee and raisins; 4000 bottles; 54,9% vol.
    WID: 86591
    (13,60/26,40 €)

    Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Islay Barley Heavily Peated; American & European Oak; 50% vol.
    WID: 73189 (5,10/9,40

    Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC 12 Jahre - Oileanach Furachail; Bottled 2015; 58,7% vol.

    WID: 80337 (9,55/- €)

    Bunnahabhain 12 Jahre - Small Batch Distilled; fresh and aromatic, fruity floral with hints of dried fruit and subtle prevalence of smoke then light with fruit notes, nutty flavours with a sweetness and slight hints of vanilla and caramel; 46,3% vol. - Whisky des Monats Dezember 2017
    WID: 101495 (3,55/6,25

    Caol Ila 18 Jahre; Mellow, golden and sweetly smoky; 43% vol.
    WID: 58458 (8,20/15,55

    Caol Ila 25 Jahre; Sweet, smooth and lightly smoky; 43% vol.
    WID: 70202 (10,90/-

    Dalmore King Alexander III; Ex-Bourbon, Oloroso-sherry, Madeira barrels, Marsala casks, Port pipes and Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques; Red berry fruits, fresh flowers and hints of passion fruit, then citrus zest, vanilla pod, creme caramel and crushed almonds followed by sweet cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger; 40% vol.

    WID: 81953 (10,45/- €)

    Elijah Craig 12 Jahre Barrel Proof - Batch A117; Bourbon whisky; Charred new American oak barrel; 63,5% vol.
    WID: 93703 (9,40/18,00

    Glendalough 13 Jahre; Irish Whiskey; Bourbon barrels and Mizunara Oak finish; Sweetness of honeycomb, dried apricots, citrus and spices with a creamy vanilla smoothness; 46% vol. - Jim Murray vergab 96 Punkte in seiner Whiskybible 2017
    WID: 103715 (7,25/13,70 €)

    GlenDronach Parliament 21 Jahre; Oloroso und Pedro Ximinez; blackberries and red plums, candied orange, spiced oatmeal biscuits then sherry, bitter chocolate and spices; 48% vol.

    WID: 53238 (7,55/- €)

    Glenfarclas 1996; Premium Edition - Vintage 1996 Bottled 03/2017; Oloroso sherry casks; Komplexe Sherry- und Fruchtaromen, Mandeln, Demara Zucker, dunkle Schokolade; 46% vol.
    WID: 95314 (5,55/10,25 €)

    Glengoyne 21 Jahre; Bottled 2005; Elegant oak & apple, long finish; 43% vol.

    WID: 174 (11,20/21,55 €)

    Glen Grant 16 Jahre; Intense, ripe orchard fruits, lingering finish; 43% vol.

    WID: 67584 (6,00/- €)

    Glenlivet 18 Jahre; Fragrant, elegant, complex with a sweet oakiness, rich sweet fruit aromas and toffeee notes then smooth and balanced, a burst of spices and bitter oranges drying out on oaky notes; 43% vol.
    WID: 27994 (5,45/10,05 €)

    Glenmorangie Signet; White oak and oloroso sherry finish; A contrast of rich sweetness and the warming depth of complex spices and bitter mocha; 46% vol.
    WID: 99120 (10,30/19,80 €)

    Glenrothes Ancestors' Reserve 25 Jahre; Travel Retail Exclusive; Rich, fruit compote, honeyed citrus; 43% vol.
    91154 (16,45/32,10 €)

    Highland Park 18 Jahre; Sherry oak casks; Toffee sweetness and a mouthwatering smoky finish; 43% vol.
    WID: 315 (8,10/15,40 €)

    Jura One and All 20 Jahre; Bourbon casks finished with sherry wood, sparkling cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon casks and pinot noir barriques; Tropical fruits, toffee, ginger spice and honey then cherries, maple syrup, chewy liquorice and white chocolate; 51% vol.
    WID: 100500 (11,90/22,95 €)

    Kavalan Solist #S100209030A; Sherry Cask; Dist. 02.2010 - Bottled 06.2016; 513 bottles; 55,6% vol.
    WID: 89135 (10,45/20,10 €)

    Kilkerran 8 Jahre - Cask Strength; Bottled in 2017;  Bourbon casks; 9000 bottles; 55,7% vol.

    WID: 104377 (4,40/7,95 €)

    Lagavulin 12 Jahre; Bottled in 2015;  Bourbon casks; smoky with gentle, fresh aromas and cereal and fruit sweetness - with water softer accompanied by a interplay of mint and wood then sweet and oily with rising smoky pungency - with water sweet, salty, smoke and ash are all heightenend; 56,8% vol.
    WID: 73371 (8,25/- €)

    Laphroaig PX Cask; Bourbon, Quarter & Pedro Ximénez; Complex with character of each type of barrel in the final flavours, including a gentle sweetness; 48% vol.
    WID: 83192 (4,05/-

    Laphroaig An Cuan Mòr; 1st fill Bourbon & European oak; Peat, caramel, apricot and raisin; 48% vol.
    WID: 44586 (6,05/11,25

    Laphroaig Cairdeas 15 Jahre; 100% First fill Ex-Bourbon casks, Toffee, crab apple and herbal peat moss, bracken and gorse lead to birch tar and gunpowder, then mellow peatiness, Islay cream and tobacco that give way to cool smoke extinguished by the sea; 43% vol.
    WID: 103309 (9,40/17,95

    Ledaig 18 Jahre; Batch #02; Sherry cask finish, Spicy smokiness, floral seaside aromas and hints of liquorice and cloves; 46,3% vol.
    WID: 86868 (8,25/15,70

    Longrow 18 Jahre Peated; Sherry & Bourbon casks; 46% vol.
    WID: 94804 (9,55/18,25

    Mackmyra Gruvguld; Aged in small casks, 50 metres below ground at Bodås mine; wide variety of casks, including Oloroso, Bourbon, Swedish oak; Oaky and spicy, with notes of vanilla fudge, tobacco leaves, pear drop and sandlewood; 46,1% vol.
    WID: 111141 (4,30/7,80

    Octomore Masterclass 08.3 5 Jahre; Super Heavily Peated (309 PPM); Bourbon and European casks; 61,2% vol.
    WID: 99307 (15,45/30,10

    Springbank Bourbon Wood 14 Jahre; Fresh and refill bourbon barrels; 9000 bottles; 55,8% vol.
    WID: 99739 (7,80/14,80 €)

    Talisker Port Ruighe; A powerful flavoured maritime malt with the succulent sweetness of port; 45,8% vol.

    WID: 73340 (3,55/6,30 €)

    Talisker Distillers Edition 2007/2017; Double matured in Amoroso cask wood; Richer than the regular bottling with lucious, fruity sweetness that perfectly complements the crisp, dry peat-smoke and familiar pepperiness; 45,8% vol.

    WID: 101315 (5,40/10,00 €)

    Talisker 57° North; sweet, then smoke and pepper; 57% vol.
    WID: 75984 (4,40/8,00 €)

    Unabhängige Abfüller

    Ardmore 7 Jahre; Meadowside Blending Co. - The Maltman; Dist. 06/2010 Bottled 01/2018; 708 bottles; Cask 3325; Sweet peat and sherry aromas then manuka honey, toffee, apple and seville orange notes later peppery with dark chocolate flavours some more smoke and subtle liquorice notes; 56,5% vol.
    WID: 109916
    (5,25/9,70 €)

    Bowmore Bw5; Specialty Drinks - Elements of Islay; Dist. 1996 Bottled 2015; 50,2% vol.
    WID: 69744
    (12,00/23,20 €)

    Bunnahabhain Moine Heavily Peated - Very Cloudy 5 Jahre; Signatory Vintage - selected by La Maison de la Whisky; Cask Nos. 704148+704149; 40% vol.
    WID: 98887 (5,30/9,80

    Clynelish 21 Jahre; Douglas Laing; Refill hogshead; Dist. 01/1990 Bottled 02/2011; Clean, fresh and fruity, warm citrus fruit and crushed sugar then fresh and sweet, spicy and lemon; Cask DL6939; 265 bottles; 50% vol.
    WID: 21754 (10,05/19,25

    Clynelish 21 Jahre; Signatory Vintage - Cask Strength Collection; Refill sherry butt; Dist. 09/1995 Bottled 08/2017; Cask handpicked by The Whisky Exchange; Cask 8676; 544 bottles; 54,7% vol.
    WID: 101794 (13,60/24,40

    Cooley 13 Jahre; Creative Whisky Company for 10th anniversary of The Whisky Barrel; Sherry hogshead; Dist. 12/2003 Bottled 04/2017; Rich, sherried, fruitcake; Cask 200501; 180 bottles; 52,7% vol.
    WID: 96178 (5,75/10,70
    Dumbarton The Sovereign 30 Jahre; Single Grain; Hunter Laing for 10th anniversary of The Whisky Barrel; Bourbon barrel; Dist. 03/1987 Bottled 05/2017; Sweet vanilla custard and shortbread enclosed by lemon zest then vanilla buscuits, butterscotch and a touch of oak; Cask HL13436; Bottle 57 of 197; 56,5% vol.
    WID: 96794 (9,60/18,40
    Fettercairn 9 Jahre; Best Dram; Dist. 2006 Bottled 2016; Bottle 152; 55,9% vol.
    WID: 81081
    (5,30/9,80 €)

    Glengoyne; Malts of Scotland; Dist. 08/2000 Bottled 11/2012; Bottle 43 of 585; Cask 12061; 58,2% vol.
    WID: 38759 (8,85/16,90 €)

    Glen Grant 9 Jahre; Gordon & McPhail; Dist. 2008 Bottled 02/2017; Sweet sherry with vanilla custard and hints of citrus then peppery with stewed fruits, orange peel and dark chocolate with a touch of charred oak; 43% vol.
    WID: 97274 (3,85/6,85 €)

    Glen Rothes 18 Jahre; Signatory Vintage - Whisky.de Clubflasche 2016; Dist. 15/10/1997 Bottled 11/07/2016; Up to 7000 bottles; Casks 15954, 58, 59, 60, 62, 64, 65, 66, 67,68; 46% vol.
    WID: 88991 (5,10/9,40 €)

    Glen Rothes 26 Jahre; Signatory Vintage; Dist. 24/09/1990 Bottled 31/01/2017; Bottle 29 of 179; Cask 19017; 51,9% vol.
    WID: 93192 (10,05/19,25 €)

    Ledaig (Tobermory) 10 Jahre; Signatory Vintage; Dist. 11/2005 Bottled 01/2016; Bottle 375 of 650; Cask 900151; 57,3% vol.

    WID: 84187 (7,90/- €)

    Ledaig (Tobermory) 11 Jahre; Hermitage wood finish; Gordon and McPhail; Dist. 9/2005 Bottled 08/2017; 4100 bottles; Sweet summer berry accents enhanced by green apple and spicy citrus, complemented by lingering smoky edge; 45% vol.

    WID: 102135 (5,65/10,45 €)

    Lagavulin Lg5; Specialty Drinks - Elements of Islay; Bottled 2015; 54,8% vol.
    WID: 69746
    (9,00/17,20 €)

    Laphroaig 6 Jahre; Creative Whisky Company for 10th anniversary of The Whisky Barrel; Refill sherry hogshead; Dist. 05/2011 Bottled 08/2017; Cask 195; 337 bottles; 58,7% vol.
    WID: 100567 (7,25/13,70

    Laphroaig Lp6; Specialty Drinks - Elements of Islay; Dist. 1998 Bottled 2015; 51,3% vol.
    WID: 69742
    (11,20/21,60 €)

    Tormore 28 Jahre; Hunter Laing; Dist. 11/1988 Bottled 01/2017; Caramel, dark chocolate and burnt sugar then vanilla fudge, more dark chocolate and citrus; 50% vol.
    WID: 95234 (11,00/21,20 €)

    Blended Whyskies

    Two Speysiders by a stream 6 Jahre - Càrn Mòr Edition; Hogshead casks; Morrison and MacKay; Dist. 2011 Bottled 2017; 915 bottles from 2 casks; 46% vol.

    WID: 98718 (4,45/8,05 €)

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    Gestern bestellt, heute die Ware erhalten!
    Freundlicher Kontakt, schnelle Lieferung, dass war sicher nicht meine letzte Bestellung!

    Absolute Empfehlung!!! 
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    habe mal durchgeschaut und würde gerne ein paar probieren.
    Bitte in 5cl:

    Hier meine Sorten:

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    @dramsmile: Habe gestern nach einem netten Kontakt und super schnellen Lieferung die Samplers im besten Zustand erhalten. Einfach Top.

    Bin gespannt, wie sich die einzelnen Whiskys bei mir so machen.

    VG MasterT
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    Alles Tip Top,

    netter Kontakt und schneller Versand.

    Vielen Dank nochmal.

    Gruß, Torfnase

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    Ware heute angekommen und war vollauf zufrieden, Verpackung super und der Kontakt bestens...Danke.
    Absolute Empfehlung!!! 

    Nur trinken muss ich selber :razz: 

    Gruss Zorro1962
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    Sehr freundlicher Kontakt. Antwortet binnen kürzester Zeit.
    Schnelle Lieferung uns sehr ordentlich verpackt! Alles TOP!!!

    War mit Sicherheit nicht meine letzte Bestellung.

    Vielen Dank nochmal.


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    Hallo zusammen,

    auch ich kann nur den freundlichen Kontakt mit dramsmile bestätigen.
    Alles heute gut angekommen.
    Der Versand, die Verpackung sowie die gelabelten Samples - alles Top.
    Probieren werde ich am Wochenende in aller Ruhe. :smile:

    Der neue User bedankt sich.

    Maik L.

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    vielen Dank für die Samples! Alles kam sicher verpackt bei mir an. Die Flaschen sind sauber gelabelt. Was will man mehr?! ;-)

    Beste Grüße,


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    Meine Samples sind gerade angekommen.

    Sehr schnell und gut verpackt.

    Vielen Dank!

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    meine Proben sind angekommen, Vielen Dank!

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