Glendronach 18 or Balblair 1999-2018

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    I need a recommendation for the next purchase:

    BALBLAIR 1999 - 2018 VINTAGE, 1ST RELEASE 1.0 LT - 1 LT (only information on this bottle that I have: 63€, Color: golden yellow with bronze reflections  Aroma: dense notes of citrus fruits and green apples accompanied by vanilla, honey, leather and chocolate, with fine floral nuances. Bourbon barrels American oak and Oloroso sherry casks from Spanish oak 2018 : full body with fruity-spicy notes, hints of honey, toffee and vanilla . This balblair was distilled in 1999 and after 19 years of maturation filled. The painting is still filtered nor colored.)


    -Glendronach 18 

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    The Balblair is obviously a different whisky that comes mainly out of ex bourbon barrels, while the GD is purely Oloroso sherry cask matured. That makes up for a very different flavour profile. So depending on what you are looking for that would be my main decision point, apart from prices you can get.

    Both are good quality but have some edges to them. So taking into account that both also seem to be widely available and you don't have to be quick, you could get some samples from this forum first if you are in Germany. hope that helps :smile:

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    The Glendronach tastes a little better and the Balblair ist a little better value for money.

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