How Do You Enjoy Your Whisky?

We all visit because we enjoy Whisky. Our tastes are as different as the bottlings on the market. Some prefer classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which they enjoy pure from a Nosing glass. Others prefer cooled Bourbon, Blends or mixed drinks.

Whisky Connoisseurs

We all have one thing in common: We are Whisky connoisseurs. In English-speaking countries, the word connoisseur is mainly used in connection with Whisky, Wine or art and antiques - the beautiful things and collectors' items in life. The term describes very well the relationship of a Whisky connoisseur to the water of life: he or she knows and enjoys it. There are different opinions and preferences as to how Whisky can be best enjoyed, so that its character is best revealed.

Whisky on the Rocks

We speak of 'on the rocks' when Whisky is served with ice cubes in the glass. The expression is probably to be taken literally: Before the invention of refrigerators, people had to find other ways to keep their Whisky cool in hot weather. It is said that at that time in Scotland, people took pebbles from ice-cold rivers or streams and put them into their drinking vessels. These stones pulled the heat out of the Whisky and prevented it from getting warm too quickly. Nowadays many people take this idea as an example and use so-called cooling stones to keep the drinking temperature pleasantly cool without the Whisky becoming diluted.

Dilution is one of the problems with Whisky on the rocks. Some people like this effect because it reduces the alcohol content and the Whisky aromas are less intense. But please be careful! Ice in Whisky numbs the taste buds and makes the Whisky seem softer, but also limits the taste experience. If you want to enjoy the taste and aroma of a Single Malt to the fullest, we recommend using a little water for dilution. This way the alcohol content can be reduced without affecting the aroma. On the contrary: By adding a few drops of water, even more aromas will come to the fore. So you can taste all facets of the Whisky without compromising your taste experience.

Bourbon on the rocks
Bourbon on the Rocks

Whisky Neat

Which brings us to the counterpart of Whisky on the rocks: 'Whisky neat'. 'Neat' has two meanings: 'clean' or 'tidy' on the one hand, but it can also mean 'pure' or 'undiluted'. So the Whisky is poured into the glass without ice, water or other additives - like mixed drinks - and is enjoyed without any alterations. Because in many bars or clubs Whisky cola or Whisky Cocktails are on the menu. This is a completely different taste experience - but that way you can't really taste the individual aromas of the Whisky.

Drinking Temperature

As mentioned, ice in Whisky numbs the taste buds. You can imagine that also a too warm Whisky, like a too warm Wine, does not present itself optimally either. During the hot summer months, in which the room temperature often rises above 25 degrees celsius, Whisky of course also takes on the corresponding temperature. The warmer a Whisky becomes, the faster the alcohol evaporates, which can cover the other aromas during nosing. Apart from the changed aroma, the effect of alcohol on your blood circulation also speaks against Whisky enjoyment at high summer temperatures. There is probably no ideal and perfect drinking temperature for Whisky. The 'right' temperature is the one at which you, as a connoisseur, like your favourite Whisky best. For most connoisseurs this temperature, like the recommended room temperature, is around 20 to 23 °C.

In this Spirit: Slàinte mhath

How to enjoy Whisky 'best' depends very much on your personal preferences. Some people like milder Whisky and therefore find the effect of ice on Whisky pleasant. Others prefer the full aroma and therefore avoid ice or mixed drinks. Whichever type of Whisky connoisseur you are: a warm slàinte mhath to all of you! The toast is Gaelic and means 'good health'. As is customary in Gaelic, the toast is not pronounced as it is written but as follows: 'slansche va'.