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What's the Best Whisky to Begin with?

There's such a variety of Single Malt Whisky, and the tastes are so different that it's impossible to name the ultimate beginner Whisky. It's a matter of personal taste, which means that you can't go wrong.

The most important distinction in Whisky for beginners is whether the Wisky is smoky or not. If you're completely unexperienced a very smoky Malt might put you off. Especially if you're a non-smoker. A high alcohol content is also not ideal for beginners. Start with the standard bottlings of well-known distilleries, since the majority of consumers like them. Don't buy expensive bottles at the beginning so you don't have to worry too much if you don't like the Whisky.

Distilleries that are most suited for beginners include Aberlour, Balvenie, Cragganmore, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie, Highland Park, Macallan and Knockando.

A selection of beginner Whiskys
A selection of beginner Whiskies

Please read the tasting notes for the Whisky or watch Horst Lüning's tasting video so you know what taste experience you can expect.

The Tasting

How do you enjoy a quality Single Malt? What's the best glass? What's the right atmosphere? How do you dilute with water? Learn everything about Whisky tasting here.

Whisky Knowledge

You'll find countless articles with photos and videos on our knowledge pages. We explain the production of Whisky, how its taste develops and many important details.


How is Whisky produced? How does its unique flavour develop?

Learn the basics of Whisky production on the following pages. If you want to dive deeper into the matter we have expert articles, too. You've never been inside a distillery? We also have many videos with distillery tours.

Types of Whiskies

There are many varieties of Whisky. Sometimes it's written with an e, sometimes without, which can be confusing. We've put together an overview on the types of Whisky so nobody can fool you again.

  • Types of Whiskies


Learn to discover and distinguish the aromas in Whisky. Learn, for example, how the smoky flavour gets into the Whisky and how to use a nosing wheel.

Nosing wheel of Cardhu 12 y.o.
Nosing wheel of Cardhu 12 y.o.

Background Knowledge

What does the information on the label mean? You'll find answers to this and many more of your questions as well as helpful tips and an overview on the history of Whisky on our "About Whisky" pages.

We hope our Whisky portal gives you a nice introduction to the wonderful world of Whisky. Enjoy tasting new Malts.